About Us


The first Tennessee talent database that is open to all kind of talents and used by several agencies !

Northeast Tennessee has many talents. Musicians, Actors, Singers, Videographers, etc… but when a company needs to contract those talents there’s no certain place to meet them … well,  there wasn’t.  Now Tricities Talents unify all kinds of talents in one single website, with open doors for the talents to include themselves into the database.

The system is also open to businesses, so they know where to go to search for a talent. And that means job opportunities for everyone! And if you don’t know how to build your profile, or if you need professionals to take your photos and make your personal videos, we also have a team of professionals to help you!

What else we do

Tricities Talents is administrated by 353 Studios. We’re located in Bristol, but this database is open to be used in Tennessee and Virginia, specially inside the surrounding  150 miles.

We offer a variety of services on and off line, centered in publicity, websites, photography and video production, including film productions. Look aside a list of some of our services.

  • Website Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Photo Sessions (Models, Family, Newborns, etc)
  • Wedding Photography and Videography
  • Cinematography
  • Acting School


Agency Profile

Your agency or production company will have a complete profile that you can edit in real time. It's a great way to advertise your own services !!

Talent Contacts

You will be able to search and get in contact with all the talents of our database. Our advanced search system allows you to filter the talents in hundreds of combinations. Genre, age, high, location, abilities, etc.

Casting Calls

Your production need talents and you want to open to all public? You can publish as many casting calls you'd like

Model Management

You will be able to link/add the talents that work under your agency representation. That way, other agencies and production companies can contact your agency directly to hire those talents.


Our team is here to serve you!

Webmaster, Photographer and Cinematographer. Tricitites Talents Creator. Also director of 353 Studios.

team image
Marlisa Osborne
Casting Director

Location and Casting Director

team image
Jacob Hart
Sound Engineer

Musician and Sound Engineer. Jacob ensures you the best sound quality for your productions.

team image
Tina Radtke
Public Relations

Tina Radtke is responsible for strategic contacts and news management.